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Beltane Maypole

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As part of our Ritual celebration we dance the ancient mystery of the Maypole, the sexual joining of Goddess and God. We wind the red and white ribbons in the pattern of a spiral as we dance, the spiral reveals the mystery of the serpent; the coiled Kundalini energy that awakens and arises to unite with Deity. As we dance we echo the ancient pagan dances around a living tree, a magick to ensure fertility in the coming planting season. The Maypole is garlanded with flowers to represent the fertile powers of nature and our ribbons ensure protection as we bind the spell, weaving Life with Nature, Goddess with God and Earth with Sky. Our ribbons are the traditional red and white. Why white and red? Consider the union of the Goddess and God at Beltane. They are young and lusty adults coming into their first flush of sexuality. The white ribbon represents sperm; the red ribbon represents Moon blood. In the old days the couples from the May Pole Dance, and any other couples who felt so inclined, took the energy and moved it out into the fields for an evening of love-making; a sympathetic magickal prayer to the Earth for fertility of crops.