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CANDLE FLAME DIVINATION - Did you ever wonder what it means when you light a spell candle and the flame flickers or won't light? CANDLE FLAME DIVINATION will give you answers and insights into the meanings of sparks, soot and flare-ups and more. Your candles are an integral part of magick spells and they can provide you with information on how your magick will manifest!

ABOUT THE BOOK of SHADOWS PAGES 🌙 Welcome to Morgana Magick - Digital Magick to enhance your witchy ways!

All my Book of Shadows pages are high-quality resolution. 300dpi, JPG format. 8.5 x 11-inch pages. The pictures in the listing photos are smaller and of a lower resolution, but the files that you will receive will be large high-resolution images.

NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT © Rowan Morgana All rights reserved. Pages are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of the pages without written permission of Rowan Morgana is prohibited.