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YULE Wiccan Sabbat Printable Set, 8 pages Comes with both a parchment and a white background in US Letter size 4 PDF files. If you would like these files in JPG format please message me.

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🎄Yule Book of Shadows Divider Page
🎄Yule Correspondences Page
🎄Yule Incense Page
🎄Yule Oil Page
🎄Holly Berry Spell
🎄Holly Berry Oil Recipe
🎄Yule Recipes Lined Page
🎄Yule Spells Lined Page

At Yule, we mourn the passing of the Old God who is the Lord of Winter. This ancient God has many names beside the Holly King, including Cernunnos, Odin, Harlequin, and of course Santa Claus. This God is portrayed as an old man, majestic and often jolly. Sometimes He is shown as a King in ermine-trimmed robes, other times He is shown as a Jester and called the King of Fools. The Old God is the Lord of Death and of the Spirit World and magic. He is the God of the forest, of animals, and of the hunt. Often He is shown with antlers or horns.

Yule is also a celebration of the birth of the Sun King and nature’s renewal. We practice sympathetic magick by lighting fires or candles to encourage the sun to grow stronger. This is a time of new beginnings both physically and spiritually, the wheel of the year has made a complete circle.


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